Plugin to check for scheduled posts before publishing

Working on plugin for Kish Multi Pro to check for scheduled posts of the respective blog while writing posts


Version 4.0 – Managing Multiple Blogs

New version , fully re-written, powered by plugins feature is under development.

Just an update on the development of Kish Multi Pro, WordPress plugin to Manage multiple Blogs from a single page. Two years back, I released the first version of this plugin when It was just somethin

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Importance of using right plugins

There are tons of plugins which are available for free at the WordPress plugin directory. How do you chose the right plugins for your needs.Check out these plugins which are very highly recommended

WordPress is a web software with an open source CMS powered by MySQL and PHP. It has many unique features including templating system and plugin architecture. It won’t be an exaggeration to say that

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How efficiently are you blogging?

Do you find blogging tough? Do you have more than one blog to be managed, comments to be moderated, new posts to be written, then you should use Kish Multi Pro which is a WordPress plugin to manage multiple blogs.
Blogging has been taken as profession by many of us. Some of us has more than one blog and find it difficult to manage all of them in an efficient manner. Its proved that people who have more number o

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Best Cache Plugin for WordPress MU

Its important to serve pages of your blog in the shortest possible time. WordPress does lots of database queries to serve a page every time a page is requested. If your blog is a very simple one and you have enough resources, then you do not need to worry much. But in case you have heavy traffic and you are in short of resources, then you should go a cache plugin which serves static html pagesWP Super cache is one of the best cache plugin which I use.

If you have a site with considerable traffic and in short of resources like if you are using a shared hosting, then its adviced to use some plugin which serves static html files or in short cache plug

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