WordPress App for iPad

Does this app your the WordPress REST API or XMLRPC?

We’ve redesigned the iOS app to work even better for publishing right from your tablet.

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Android Pay

Update: As many have pointed out, the app is not yet in the Play Store. Google has since pulled the original tweet and commented that Android Pay in the UK is “not quite there yet”. An official announcement will likely coincide with I/O tomorrow. After announcing plans for Android Pay’s first international expansion in March, Google’s contactless payment service…

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Have you tried WordPress 3.1 Beta

Its still beta, but if you have a testing site, just try it. I really liked some new features like the linking

Known Issues

  • Fatal error: Call to a member function is_page() on a non-object in /wp-includes/query.php. is_page() may be any conditional tag. This issue occurs when a theme or plugin is doing something wrong. Some code is checking the value of a conditional tag before we actually set up the Query, which means they don’t work yet. In 3.0, they silently failed and always returned false. In 3.1 Beta 1, this is throwing a fatal error. This will be handled in the final release, so use this opportunity to fix your plugins. (#14729)
  • All known issues slated for fixing before launch are listed in Trac. Please check this list to see if a bug is already on the list before reporting it.

Kish Multi Pro with Plugins Feature is out

You can now make KMP work the way that you want. Plugins feature can remove different actions and add new actions.

Version 4.0 has been released. All the license holders can upgrade to version 4.0. You can download the file with the same link sent to you during the purchase. If you are having problem downloading,

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How efficiently are you blogging?

Do you find blogging tough? Do you have more than one blog to be managed, comments to be moderated, new posts to be written, then you should use Kish Multi Pro which is a WordPress plugin to manage multiple blogs.
Blogging has been taken as profession by many of us. Some of us has more than one blog and find it difficult to manage all of them in an efficient manner. Its proved that people who have more number o

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