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Tiger Zinda Hai – Next version of Ek Tha Tiger

Need to wait for sometime, you will have the next of Ek Tha Tiger sequel.

Salman Khan is all set to shoot an action sequence with a pack of wolves in the ice-laden forests of Austria. It will be directed by Tom Struthers of the Dark Knight-fame. The post Tiger Zinda Hai: Salman Khan, Katrina Kaif start shooting in sub-zero locales of Austria appeared first on Firstpost.

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Android Pay

Update: As many have pointed out, the app is not yet in the Play Store. Google has since pulled the original tweet and commented that Android Pay in the UK is “not quite there yet”. An official announcement will likely coincide with I/O tomorrow. After announcing plans for Android Pay’s first international expansion in March, Google’s contactless payment service…

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How to increase your iPhone’s battery life on iOS 7

Better battery life is very important – Great Tips


With the introduction of iOS 7, Apple added a ton of new and exciting features to your iPhone. However, in order to show off all of these new features, Apple has decided to turn them on: all of them. There’s an opt-out method (of sorts) when it comes to their use, but depending on the age of the device, this can decrease both performance and battery life. The problem most users are encountering is that they don’t know how to selectively opt-out of the features they do not use.

The following will outline how you can fine tune your iOS 7 experience, taking advantage of the features you like and turning off the features you don’t. In the end, you may find that you won’t need to charge your iPhone quite as often.

Settings with the biggest impact

Conserve Your Battery Life

Dim the brightness setting: If you think that iOS 7’s…

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Perfect WordPress Theme Framework

WordPress themes can do wonders and even do damages if you do not use the right one. Every blog needs a specific theme depending upon the content, audience and topic. Kish Bootstrap is a WordPress theme framework built using power Bootstrap 3.0 framework. No theme come perfect for anyone. You may need to do some changes unless and until you have hired somebody to write a theme from scratch. There are many theme frameworks available, but Kish Bootstrap is something different. It has been developed after lots of testing and testing and testing. 

Core Features of Kish Bootstrap

  • Lightweight
  • Powerful customization
  • High ranking on Pagespeed test
  • Responsive Design and many more

The power of this theme lies in the kishBSHacks class which is written for customization. You do not have to worry about hooks, actions or filters. Just call the right method pointing to the callback function and array of conditions which you want to check before implementing. Now let me explain it more deeply. Now if you want to have a magazine layout for a particular category, yes you can do that, you need to have custom home page, you can just right a callback function and call the right method. You want to have custom design for a particular post / page / post type / author page / …. you can do that. You can use the default layouts or you can define one yourself. Check out some customizations that I have done using Kish Bootstrap Framework.

  1. Full Screen Images on my Photo Blog
  2. Full Width Magazine Style Blog – Check out the Featured Post Sliding in just on the Home Page
  3. E-commerce Site
  4. Fluid Header Tech Blog

Check out different pages of the above sites to understand the customization. You will find that some pages have lift sidebar, some do not have, some have fixed sticky sidebar some pages have footers, some widgets show only on home page some only on post pages some only on particular post types. You can even have different color schemes for different page / posts. Check out this page to see fixed sidebar for all the archive pages

All the customizations are done using child themes to keep the framework safe for upgrades. Let me know your thoughts after seeing the production sites that are running on Kish Bootstrap framework.