Kish Multi Pro with Plugins Feature is out

You can now make KMP work the way that you want. Plugins feature can remove different actions and add new actions.

Version 4.0 has been released. All the license holders can upgrade to version 4.0. You can download the file with the same link sent to you during the purchase. If you are having problem downloading,

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WordPress Custom Hooks, Actions and filters

What is the difference between WordPress Actions and Filters and how to use it ?

I have been writing WordPress plugins for sometime now, but never needed to use the Actions and Filters which are one of the most powerful features of WordPress. In this post I will be explaining you

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Version 4.0 – Managing Multiple Blogs

New version , fully re-written, powered by plugins feature is under development.

Just an update on the development of Kish Multi Pro, WordPress plugin to Manage multiple Blogs from a single page. Two years back, I released the first version of this plugin when It was just somethin

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