WooThemes to be iPhone and Android Compatible

Its great news, I am a fan of WooThemes

We are very excited about this new release coming. This news is not a rumor and was obtained from a source with knowledge on the subject. The official announcement should be released sometime this week.

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Shorcode for WordPress

Check out the way to add short code for wordpress

Have you ever had a time where you wanted to add some specialized content to your WordPress post or page, but weren’t sure how? Maybe you wanted to embed a Twitter widget or some content called back from some website or API. How can you easily add this type of content to your WordPress post?

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Importance of using right plugins

There are tons of plugins which are available for free at the WordPress plugin directory. How do you chose the right plugins for your needs.Check out these plugins which are very highly recommended

WordPress is a web software with an open source CMS powered by MySQL and PHP. It has many unique features including templating system and plugin architecture. It won’t be an exaggeration to say that

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Searching engine optimization tips for bloggers

Its very important to realize that search engines are the best source of traffic. We get traffic from search engines which are best in terms of conversion as they are the people who are in need of information and they are using search engines to find websites on that particular topic or keywords.

But we need to get listed on top of SERPs and how do we get this done ethically?

I have explained the basics of Search Engine Optimization in the beginning of this series of post, so you should be having some idea about SEO and it’s importance. Optimizing your blog for search engi

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How efficiently are you blogging?

Do you find blogging tough? Do you have more than one blog to be managed, comments to be moderated, new posts to be written, then you should use Kish Multi Pro which is a WordPress plugin to manage multiple blogs.
Blogging has been taken as profession by many of us. Some of us has more than one blog and find it difficult to manage all of them in an efficient manner. Its proved that people who have more number o

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WordPress comment Moderation Plugin

If you have more than one blogs are you get lots of comments, then you should have some good tool to manage your comment moderation.

Check out this plugin which I have developed initially for my personal use, but I have a commercial version which is used by 100\’s

Kish Multi Pro is not just for doing new Posts, but it can be used as a Comment Moderating Tool. You do not need to login to all your blogs to check for pending comments or reply to the comments.Here

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Adding Google Analytics Code in Thesis Theme

Using the scripts in right way is very important to get the desired results. Are you using Google Analytics and Thesis themes, then check out this post

If you are using the Thesis Theme on your blog and if your are using Google Analytics to track your site performance, you should have noticed a problem. According to Google Analytics, we need to inser

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